Iconix' quality system is governed by ISO9001:2015, AS6081 and AC 0056B precepts and is certified as such by National Quality Administrators (NQA). NQA is accredited by both ANAB and UKAS enabling global acceptance of its registrations. We first received ISO 9001 certification in 2009 and since that time, have updated to the latest 2015 revision and added certification to SAE AS6081 for Counterfeit Avoidance and FAA Advisory AC 0056B for asircraft parts. These standards direct all logistics at Iconix, including the following important functions:


• Commitment to continual improvement of our operations
• Risk and Opportunity driven management

• Quality Assurance and Inspections
• Material Procurement
• Employee Training and Human Resource policies
• Sales, Design and Production documentation control
• Inspection and test recordkeeping
• Handling and segregation of discrepant materials
• Customer Satisfaction
• Counterfeit control program


Additionally, recent developments in our supply chain mandated the addition of multiple procedures to verify that the parts we receive and ship are authentic and meet the high quality related goals for which we strive.


Iconix has invested heavily in equipment, personnel and training to assure that every part that we ship is of a quality level consistent with the demands of the industry and our customers. The centerpiece of our authentication procedure is our decapsulator, which is used to inspect and authenticate the dice of all undocumented semiconductor devices. Additionally, the guidelines of IDEA-STD-1010A are rigorously followed during our inspection procedures to evaluate the legacy of received parts.

We have found that exacting quality assurance practices and strict adherence to our registered standards, especially for part manufacturer authentications, to be more than business niceties. They are necessary for us to survive and grow in today’s environment.

Iconix can fill most all contract manufacturing and electronic component supply needs including obsolete, hard-to-get and commodity products. By assuring that our customers receive products and services of industry leading quality, Iconix continues to do our best to contribute towards increasing our clients’ profitability.

 Try a program, today, supported by our mission to manage our business with Integrity, Ingenuity and Intensity.