Iconix can fill all your contract manufacturing or electronic component supply needs including obsolete, hard-to-get or commodity products Iconix can also provide a suite of services, customized to increase your profitability Try a program, today, supported by our credo of Integrity, Ingenuity and Intensity. To manage our business of supplying a robust spectrum of electronic manufacturing services and purchasing solutions with integrity, ingenuity and intensity.


As they support their clientele with the sourcing of aircraft, electronic, electrical and electromechanical (EEE)components, Iconix secures a key registration.

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Published 17th September 2020

Press Release: Electronics Parts Broker Achieves Success Employing ACB

Electronics parts broker Hemi Components has partnered with Associated Component Brokers (ACB) ( ) and as a direct result, has achieved a level of success they had not thought possible operating independently. Taking advantage of ACB’s unique concept in outsourcing, Hemi has quadrupled rates of revenues and quintupled profitability in the short three months, to date, as an associate.

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Published 11th July 2011

Press Release: Iconix Forms ACB to Empower Electronic Component Brokers

ACB, Representing a Unique Concept in Outsourcing, has Been Established to Place Experienced Electronic Component Brokers into Their Own Businesses. Participants in ACB handle the sales and, optionally, the purchasing of components for their customers and outsource the balance of the business operations, such as quality assurance, shipping, billing and collections to Iconix’s ISO registered concern. Associates provide the customers and purchase orders - ACB provides the finances, incorporation, logo, website, access to the broker networks, etc. in order to establish the new businesses and then outsources the back end operations to Iconix for support.

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Published 24th June 2011


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