Manufacturing Services

Iconix offers a full range of manufacturing resources. Whether prototype, medium or full production volume is required, we supply low cost, high quality services such as:

Featured Services:
    Integrated turnkey solutions
    Leading-edge ISO, SAE and FAA certified manufacturing technologies
    Support of customer time to market requirements
    Focus on quality, service and flexibility
    Spec conformance for the Wireless Infrastructure, Wireline / Networking, Medical, Industrial / Commercial, Defense / Security / and Aerospace market sectors.
    Optimization of the supply chain design for each customer's needs
    Full service partnership from prototype to end-of-life
Manufacturing Strengths

    World-class manufacturing and process engineering support
    From prototype to volume production
    Strong relationships with the supply chain
    Experience executing timely program start up
    Time to market
    Prototype expertise
    Reduction of inventory liability
    Logistic support services
    Leading provider of full box build
    Low cost manufacturing
    World class supply base
    Outstanding technology and management resource
Component Technologies
    0.4mm Pitch QFP
    Flip Chip
    To 18mm x 35mm x 0.1 mm die
    BGA - > 1500 I/O
    CBGA - > 800 I/O
    CCGA - > 1500 I/O
    GA - > 591 I/O
    hip Scale Package
    o 0.4mm Pitch
    Passive Discrete - 0101
Assembly Capabilities
    Printed Circuit Board Assembly
- Through Hole
- Surface Mount
- Flip Chip
- Chip Scale Package
    Box Build
- Configure-to-Order
- Build-to-Order
- Direct Order Fulfillment
  • Iconix, Inc. is hands down the most flexible and enjoyable team I've ever worked with.

    Louise Duke, President
  • Luckily I've found Iconix, Inc. who gives me the power to be flexible.

    Elizabeth Atkinson, COO
  • Iconix, Inc. full-service program really made a big difference in how we manage our loyalty programs.

    Toby Whittaker, CEO

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