Sourcing Solutions

The Iconix Advantage

Iconix supplies electronic component sourcing and other supply chain services of the highest quality, on time and at prices highly competitive to the prevailing market.

How We Do It?

We buy better! Iconix has developed global sources of supply far beyond those of our competitors. Among those are selected manufacturers with which we have partnered. Additionally, our typical sourcing options consist of:

    Our low cost inventory         Our industry partner's low cost inventory         Consignees inventory         Global subscription sourcing network         Franchised distribution         Component manufacturers    

Our Manufacturing Partners

Iconix has entered into product supply and preferential pricing agreements with a distinguished list of electronic component manufacturers. These are exemplified by:

  •    A-VALUE -Single board computers, applied computing solutions
  •    AKG TECH - Touch screens, inverters
  •    CARDINAL -Crystals, oscillators
  •    CIR Q TEC - Printed Circuit Boards, Power Supplies
  •    COMCHIP -SMD Diodes
  •    CRISTEK -Military D Sub connectors
  •    GLOBAL LED - LEDs, back light solutions
  •    ISOCOM -Optocouplers, optoisolators and MOSFET solid state relays
  •    KELTRON -Connectors, cables assemblies
  •    *KYOCERA - Displays (coming shortly)
  •    PELONIS - Fan and Motor Products
  •    STRATEGIC SWITCH - Switches, batteries

Core Competencies & Available Services

Beyond possession of our industry leading lineup of sources, Iconix has developed a suite of services designed to relieve our customers of onerous, time consuming and expensive tasks. These are embodied in our core competencies, as follows:

    ISO 9001 and AS 9120 certified
    Supply of authentic obsolete or hard-to-get products
    BOM cost reduction
    Supply of components to complex, multiple operation drawing requirements
    Component engineering / cross referencing of componentry
    Global pricing, supply and inventory management
    Market awareness of prevailing supply and demand factors
    Procurement negotiation with manufacturers and distributors
    Asset and excess inventory management
    Hi-Rel and component up-screening, re-screening and verification services
    Integrated business solutions related to sourcing

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Core Competencies

Iconix can apply these core competencies across a wide range of product categories. We have historically supplied electronic and Aircraft components such as:

EEE Supply Strengths

    Integrated Circuits
- Linear
- Memory, DRAM, SRAM 
- Microprocessors    
- Microcontrollors   
- Telecom

    Discrete Semiconductors
- Transistors
- FETs      
- Diodes    
- Rectifiers
- Tantalum, Ceramic, Electrolytic
- Circular, D-sub, Coaxial, Sockets
    Cable Assemblies
    Circuit protection devices
    Fans and Electronic Cooling
    Fasteners and Hardware
    Heaters and Heating Elements
    Relays and Switches
    Sensors, Transducers, Detectors
    Test Equipment
    Transformers, inductors

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